The Carlstadt Police Department received independent reports of a trespassing into residences and a motor vehicle on January 1, 2016. The first report was received on January 1, 2016 at 4:23 PM from a Union Street resident that earlier this date, he observed a woman in her 40-ish year of age having long black hair and a tan colored coat was seen rummaging through a parked vehicle located on Central Avenue near Union Street. The caller believed this to be suspicious because the vehicle was familiar to him but the female was not. An officer responded to the area but could locate neither the suspicious female nor the parked vehicle which had since left the scene. No reports of theft were ever reported to this agency regarding this first incident.

On January 1, 2016 at 10:20 PM, a Center Street residence reported his parked 2014 Ford Escape vehicle had been burglarized and his wallet was stolen from the center console area. The vehicle did not display any signs of tampering or damage and was believed to have been unlocked at the time of the burglary. The wallet contained identifications and two credit cards. The complainant later reported to Detective Sergeant John Cleary that he reported his credit cards as stolen and was advised by his card issuers of recent activity involving those cards. The cards were used at local merchants in Wallington, East Rutherford and Secaucus on January 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Video was obtained from each of these merchants and a similar appearing white female was seen in each of the videos.

On January 3, 2016, a resident of Union Street reported her 1st floor residence was burglarized January 1st when she was away for the New Year Holiday. The resident believed the burglary occurred on January 1st because the resident of the 2nd floor dwelling told her he saw a white or Hispanic woman standing within the common way hallway of the residence. Further  investigation by this agency revealed the 2nd floor resident actually spoke with this woman because she had entered his dwelling unannounced and when her presence was discovered, she  asked him if this apartment was for rent. The resident told her it was not and she walked down the stairs and outside.

On January 4, 2016 by a Union Street resident who advised that on January 1, 2016 around 2:30 PM, a white female having long brown hair, dark eyes and wearing a gray fleece style jacket and green colored flip flop style shoes had entered the residence through its side door that was unlocked at the time. The resident was home and startled when she discovered the woman inside her house and was able to push her towards the store. The resident asked the woman why she was inside her house. The woman responded she thought the house had a room for rent. The resident told there was no room for rent and the woman left the residence property walking south on Union Street towards Broad Street.

After learning of these otherwise independent incidents, a modem operandi was apparent and found to be related to an initial incident that was reported by a 10th Street resident on December 18, 2015. It this incident, the resident reported a white female, 35 – 40 yoa wearing all black attire similar to what a waitress would wear had walked into her residence unannounced. When discovered, the female stated “Oh my God, I am at the wrong house. I am so sorry.” The resident asked who she was looking for and the female responded she was looking for “Jenkinson’s in East Rutherford.” The resident advised she was in the wrong town and attempted to illicit more information from the female, but she would not answer and just walked out of the residence and was seen driving away in a tan colored SUV style vehicle.

Assistance was requested from Captain Brian Murphy of the Englewood Police Department who met with one of the victims and from her account was able to create a composite drawing that was disseminated amongst media sources last month. Information was received from the Garfield and Rutherford Police Departments that assisted with identifying the pictured suspect as Cristina Sidoti. Photo arrays of potential suspects were shown to those victims / witnesses who spoke with the suspect female and had had indicated the Sidoti’s picture.

Further coordination with the Old Tappan Police Department ultimately resulted with the arrest of Sidoti at her parent’s home in Old Tappan. A search warrant of her vehicle, a tan colored 2004 Isuzu Ascender revealed clothing and jewelry items belonging to the Union Street resident who her 1st floor dwelling burglarized. Multiple credit, debit and gift cards were also located inside the vehicle that bore different names. Those are being investigated by the Old Tappan PD as potential victims.

Sidoti was initially issued a complaint warrant for violations of burglary, theft of moveable property, theft of credit cards, unlawful use of credit cards and impersonation with bail set at $31.500.00 / full. A detainer was placed upon her since Old Tappan PD had remanded her to the Bergen County Jail on their complaints.

Additional complaint summonses were later issued to Sidoti for offenses of burglary, criminal trespass, theft of moveable property and unlawful use of credit card. She was scheduled a first appearance within the Carlstadt Municipal Court on Thursday, February 21, 2016

The Carlstadt Police Department would like to thank the following agencies for assistance with this investigation: East Rutherford PD, Englewood PD, Lyndhurst PD, Old Tappan PD, Rutherford PD, Bergen County Sheriff’s Department, and those persons and those entities/merchants wishing to remain anonymous.

Lastly, the Carlstadt Police Department is asking anyone who has experienced similar events involving their residence, vehicles, missing property or a suspicious appearance by a white female resembling Cristina Sidoti that has not as of yet been reported to authorities is asked to contact Detective Sergeant John Cleary at (201) 531-7187 or via email: