On Saturday, September 3, 2016 at approximately, 10:11 A.M., officers responded to the area of Broad Street & Garden Street in response to a reported road rage incident involving a person armed with a knife and threatening the driver of another vehicle. Sergeant Scott Tronziger observed two vehicles parked and he made contact with the complainant who was seated within his vehicle along with his wife and daughter.

The complainant reported he was in the drive-thru lane of the Walgreens Stored located at 637 Hoboken Road picking up his prescriptions. A second vehicle was in line behind his vehicle, driven by Amanda Schneider, who suddenly pulled around the front of his and according to the complainant, yelled obscenities him because he was waiting at the service window for an extended amount of time. The complainant yelled obscenities back at Schneider, and after he received his order, pulled next to Schneider’s vehicle and told her it the delay was due to the store employee having taken so long to locate his prescription and not his fault. The complainant then drove away but was confronted by Schneider who had suddenly drove up to his vehicle and exited her vehicle while holding an opened folding knife and yelling her father was the “Chief of Police” and she would cut the complainant.

Schneider was also present upon the officers’ arrival and gave a similar account of the events but stated she felt threatened by the complainant so she drove her vehicle around his so she could exit her vehicle and take his picture with her cell phone. Schneider admitted she falsely told the complainant her father is the Chief of Police and he had better leave her along, but denied having produced a knife during that encounter. She was asked if she had a knife in her possession and she indicated she may have one inside her one of my bags. Officers soon after confirmed she had in her possession a Smith and Wesson Black OPS folding knife that matched the knife the complainant described to Sergeant Tronziger. When asked about the knife, Schneider stated she forgot she had it but denied having displayed it to the complainant.

Schneider was placed under arrest for terrorist threats, possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and transported to police headquarters for processing. Schneider was later released on summons.